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 Serving our Risen Savior through song

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Glory to His Name  is on our Laborers Together CD and is one of our favorite songs to perform.  We did an up-tempo remake of this old Gospel classic.  One day at church, Robb was playing bass with the worship team and he decided to try using  bass parts from the song Rocky Top.  They fit pretty well.

Also, two of our adult children (Rob and Kathy)  are singing background harmonies on this track.  So, when we hear their voices, it's like they are with us, even though they may be thousands of miles away.

We hope it gets your toes a-tappin, your hands a-clappin and your hearts a-praisin.

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We are  in southern California until mid-March.  The weather is great and we are enjoying our time here.  We are already missing the new friends we made in Phoenix, Yuma and Jamul.

***As many of you know, Kathy and I do all of our own recording for our CDs and soundtracks.  We have branched out and offer some unique music production services to other musicians.  Our friend and very talented songwriter, Joyce Groom, has decided to do a CD, and we are honored that she chose us to develop her  music and arrangements.   Joyce recorded about 15 of her songs using a guitar or piano, her voice, and her phone.  Then they were emailed to us in Wisconsin.  From these songs, she narrowed it down to  12.  Then Kathy and I went to work, creating the sound tracks for her songs. 

We looked at each of the songs individually, making decisions regarding style, arrangement, tempo, and instrumentation.  Creating custom sound tracks for Joyce's project from scratch.  All of the instruments were recorded, and mixed during our stay in Phoenix at Paradise RV Resort.  The songs (instruments only) were then sent back to Joyce via the internet.

Joyce is currently wintering in South Texas, and also preparing for a week of vocal recording this spring.  When we drive back to Wisconsin, we will stop in Missouri to record Joyce's vocals.  The final steps will occur back in our studio in Wisconsin where we will add vocal harmonies and finishing instrumental touches, then mix and master the album.  Besides a completed CD, Joyce will also get all of her songs as backing tracks that she can use to accompany her when she performs.  I think we are as excited as Joyce about this project.  Can't wait until it's done.

***Another thing we did in AZ this fall was begin work on a Christmas CD.  In a two week period we recorded nine songs using some of our Christmas performance tracks.  We re-worked the arrangements and instrumentation on all of the tracks, recorded guitars and  vocals, mixed and mastered in that short time.  Over the next few months we hope to get the number of songs up to 15.  Joyce gave us permission to use any of her compositions for our own musical endeavors.  We included the song, I'm Dreamin' of Christmas, on the Christmas CD mentioned above.   Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


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