Springtime in Wisconsin

We finished our vocal recording session in Missouri with Joyce Groom a day earlier than anticipated, back (more on our time with Joyce in the next blog post) and headed to Wisconsin to reunite with family and friends.  We had heard the weather wasn't going to be too good, but optimistically chalked that up to meteorologists who over-hype their forecasts in order to try and stay relevant.  As we left northeast Missouri, I kep (sorry about the spelling--we were just in Texas.) an eye on the temperature gauge in the truck.  From the southern Iowa border until we crossed the Mississippi from Dubuque, the temperature dropped 23 degrees.  As soon as we got into Wisconsin, it started raining.  I kep (I might need some hep to stop writing like a Texan) an anxious eye on the temperature.  It held at 36 degrees--rain not snow--for the rest of the way home. Yikes!  Our winter was spent in the desert southwest where we enjoyed above average temps almost all winter, and it rained twice.

We got back late in the afternoon and quickly got to work setting up the rig and de-winterizing our water supply.  We don't travel with a lot of water in our fresh water tank, so we had to fill the RV when we got home.  Our well's water pressure  tank sits outside all summer, but for the next ten days we would be below freezing for at least part of each day.  We put together a 4'X4'X4' wooden "doghouse" for the water supply and included two, 500W halogen work lights to keep our water supply from freezing.

With our freshwater tank full, two spacer heaters, the furnace, and the RV tank heaters on, we were ready to visit family in Mauston.  But first, a few errands and a trip to the Roman Castle for dinner.  The littlest grandchildren had changed the most over the last six months, and there were lots of long-overdue hugs to warm us up--Including a couple of long hugs with our daughter, Kathy, who was dropping the kids off after a "tweens" event.  When we got home, our son-in-law, Jeff, stopped by to say hello.  The only family member we missed was our Grandson, Eydon, who was on an overnite trip with his church's youth group.  

Next on our list was to go to our CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) chapter meeting on Saturday morning--Cancelled due to weather.  And on Sunday we would get to be with our church family at Bible baptist in Mauston--Cancelled due to weather.  Pretty disappointing.  If they are cancelling stuff in Wisconsin, you know the weather is bad.  As it turns out, except for a chauffeured 4X4 visit to and from Jeff and Kathy's, we were stuck at our place from the time we got home on Friday night, until Wednesday morning.  Tuesday evening Jeff plowed our drive, but the roads were still pretty bad. 

Wednesday night we got another 8 inches of snow.  Heavy, stick-to-your-shovel snow.  But I had adjusted.  I parked 10 feet from the road, so that I would not have to shovel so far to get out.  Three weeks into Spring, and we have two major snowfalls almost back-to-back.  I think the situation was summed up best when we got a visit from our friend, Bob, who knocked on our door Thursday morning and said, "Merry Christmas."

Trying to make the best of things, we got the studio set up and functioning.  I'm so glad we put in two baseboard heaters when we built it.  In the last week, we have worked on Joyce's CD, and got in rehearsal time for an upcoming concert at Oxford Bible Church this weekend.  Although, we did forget to put this blog out on Thursday, as scheduled.

At the time of this writing: The sun is shining, the snow is melting, no leaks in the RV--even with over a foot of snow on the roof and slide-outs, we are progressing with Joyce's CD, 60 degree weather is forecast for next week, and God is good (all the time.)

It's good to be home!




Here's a video of Kathy's walk around the driveway on Monday, 4/16

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