RK Sound is committed to producing relevant music to the glory of Jesus Christ by providing a relaxed and professional atmosphere that allows each client's experience to be pleasant and God - honoring

The RK Sound Promise

At RK Sound we will: 
   ·   be honest and dependable in every aspect of the recording process 
   ·   make your project as important to us as it is to you 
   ·   work diligently and efficiently to produce high-quality, radio-ready recordings 
   ·   value your time, family and finances 

RK Sound Truly Cares
At RK Sound​ we consider ourselves blessed to have been involved in the music industry as musicians, entertainers, songwriters, song developers and music producers.  We make it a point to use our experience to guide the production process and to help our clients fulfill their musical dreams and goals. 

​ RK Sound Loves Music 
 At RK Sound we enjoy: 
   ·    listening to, sharing and creating music - especially when it’s Christ-centered 
   ·    helping develop the talents of aspiring musicians, songwriters, singers and other musical artists 
   ·    using Christian music to edify believers and to speak to the lost so they too may be saved