We offer flat-rate pricing. You know the cost of your project before we start.

Package Prices 

Solo Artist: $75.00/Song
Price f
or one vocal and one accompaniment instrument includes: 

  • Tracking 
  • Editing (includes composite tracks, and vocal tuning )
  • Mixing
  • Mastering 

Bands: $300.00/Song 
Price for up to a five-piece band includes:

  • Tracking of instruments and vocals
  • Basic Editing (includes composite tracks, vocal tuning and vocal alignment)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering. 

  ***Quantizing and augmentation of acoustic drums can be done at additional negotiated cost.

Custom Soundtracks: $250.00/Song
Price Includes: 

  • Tracking your lead vocal
  • Tracking your instrument (if you decide to play one)
  • Arrangement
  • Drums
  • Bass guitar
  • Guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • Keyboard or 2nd guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • Background vocal
  • Basic editing (includes composite tracks, vocal tuning and vocal alignment)
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • A CD with a custom performance backing tracks is available for an additional $10.00/song

Ala Carte Prices

You may choose only part of what we have to offer. That’s great. We can tailor our services to fit your needs. Below are a list of prices for specific services.  

Solo Artists:

  • Tracking (includes comping): $25.00/song
  • Editing: $25.00/track edited
  • Mixing: $25.00/song
  • Mastering: $25.00/song  


  • Tracking (includes comping): $100.00/song
  • Editing: $25.00/track edited
  • Mixing: $100.00/song
  • Mastering: $50.00/song  

  ***Quantizing and augmentation of acoustic drums can be done at additional negotiated cost.

Custom Soundtracks:

  • Arrangement and set up: $50.00/song
  • Tracking your instrument (includes comping): $25.00/song
  • Tracking your vocal (includes comping): $25.00/song
  • Drums: $25.00/song
  • Bass guitar: $25.00/song/song
  • Guitar: $25.00/song
  • 2nd Guitar/Keyboard: $25.00/song
  • Background Vocals: $25.00/song/vocal
  • Additional instruments: $25.00/song/instrument
  • Basic editing: $25.00/track edited
  • Mixing: $50.00/song
  • Mastering: $25.00/song
  • CD with custom performance backing track(s):  $10/song