Joys of the Journey
The greatest part of a journey isn't arriving at your destination. It's the things that happen along the way.

Busy Season 

This is a busy time of year for us. Besides getting ready to leave for the winter, we have many worship
services and concerts on the schedule during our last couple of months in Wisconsin. Two weeks ago we drove up to Oconto Gospel Chapel. We sang at both services and shared from the Word.   Afterwards we went to lunch and got to spend special time with others from the church. Special thanks to our friends John and Mary Sellen.  They provided us a place to stay at their home on the night before. We are always thankful for their hospitality, and grateful for their friendship. 

The following Sunday we were at White Creek Congregational Church for the morning service and an evening concert. In the morning, we led the congregation in song and Pastor Sam gave an inspiring message. Morning worship was followed by a meal in the fellowship hall. We both ate too much, but it was good.  Then we drove home to rest up for that evenings’ 5:30 pm concert. Conversing with the audience, we started about 10 minutes late. When the concert was drawing to a close, the audience asked us to keep playing so… we did. When we finished, it was back to the fellowship hall for snacks and a lot of interesting conversation.  We really enjoy our time when we get to meet with fellow believers.

We thoroughly enjoy this calling from God, to edify His church. Each experience is so different. Yet, the unity in the Spirit that we share with those we play for is remarkable. 

Today is Thursday, September 20, 2018. It is not just another Blog Day. It is a day that is much more special and dear to our hearts. Would you join us in wishing our beautiful daughter, Kathy a very happy birthday? She is a true blessing to us and to all of her family and friends. She and husband, Jeff, are a fantastic couple, who love the Lord and are not ashamed to ‘live it loud!’ Kathy entered this world on September 20, 1977 in quite a dramatic way – double breach! Yes, she was special alright. She was beautiful, even with the black and blue mark on her hip from exiting in such an upside down manner. She was our baby girl, and still is! She still calls us Mommy and Daddy!! Kathy is a hard working woman, who we are extremely proud of. We thank God for her. 

Today’s free download, From My Window is a song written by our friend Ray Guzzardo from Florida. We recorded it on our CD, Laborers Together. The song is written about a man who becomes born again in prison. He reads the Bible regularly. The Book of Revelation creates pictures of Heaven in his mind and he imagines these images as if he can see them from his prison window. This song is special to us for two reasons. 1. Our talented daughter, Kathy joins us on the high background harmony throughout the song. 2. The second reason is that when we finished the song we played it for Ray when we were in Florida two winters ago – he was so moved, he choked up and held back tears when he heard his song done in this moving arrangement. 

We hope you enjoy, From My Window.

Click to listen.