High Quality Custom Soundtracks

So you've written some songs, and you'd like to get them out there for others to hear.  But you don't have a band, or recording gear, or recording experience...  RK Sound's Custom Soundtrack service may be the solution to your problem.

It's this easy:
Just send us your raw song, and we'll deliver a finished song.

The process explained in a little more detail:

  • Record a song using whatever digital device you have access to.  Then send it to us via email.
  • There will be conversations between you,  the artist, and RK Sound concerning key, tempo, instrumentation, and style.  
  • We will work up a rough arrangement in your key and at an agreed upon tempo, then send it to you for approval. 
  • When the arrangement with it's breaks, tempo, key, possible harmonies, and instrumentation are agreed upon, we will record the music. 
  • A track with a reference vocal and timing clicks will be sent to you to rehearse with.  We want you ready when you get to the studio. 
  • We prefer to record you in our studio, but have the gear to record you in your own home.  We are located in central Wisconsin, but spend the winter where it's warm.  If you are on our way, we can probably record you at home.
  • We record multiple takes, both vocals and instruments, and take the best parts from those takes to create a composite track.
  • All of your tracks will be edited in studio.  Vocals will be pitch corrected. 
  • If you did not create and/or record harmonies, we can create and record harmonies in our studio.   
  • Songs are then mixed and sent to you for approval.  We can make changes in instrument and vocal volumes/tones or eliminate instruments from a verse or the entire song.  (At this point, it is too late to change key, tempo, or arrangement.)
  • After mixing revisions (if any) are completed, the songs are mastered and sent out to be replicated.

Other things along the way...

  • If you have an idea of what you want to do for CD/EP art, RK Sound can get that ready as well.  Usually at half the cost. 
  • Unsure how to get your songs copyrighted?  We can handle that for you, as well.

Just a quick note...
RK Sound is a Christian based company, and we gladly record songs that are not faith-based.  But if you are looking to record songs that contain profanity, or songs that are degrading to women, or that promote drug usage, or that contain sexually explicit lyrics or themes, etc... we would definitely not be a good fit. 


    I Will Carry You
    Joyce Groom is a gifted songwriter from Missouri who writes songs of faith and life on this side of Heaven.  I Will Carry You was written by Joyce, and recorded with an iPhone.  Then sent to us as an attachment to an email.  
    Joyce is singing the lead vocal on all three of these song clips, RK Sound provided the instrumentation and background harmonies on the last two.

     Does Anyone Know a Doctor
    Ray Guzzardo is a talented guitar player, pianist, and composer  residing in Florida.  Below is a recording of Ray performing his song, Does Anyone Know a Doctor,  at an RV resort in central Florida.   The second track is the same song, recorded in our studio.  RK Sound did the arrangement and instrumentation.  Robb is doing the vocal.